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Perinatal Mood Disorder
Precision Medicine

Hello Again….

My poor neglected baby – Hormone Soup!  It is probably hard for you to believe that my blog is one of the true loves of my life! Talking out in the open about hormones has led to so many amazing…

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postpartum mood disorder symptoms
Women's Health

I Have 3 Words for You…

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate! It took me some time to get to the point in my life where I took charge of my health and by doing so I began to see the doctor-patient relationship much differently.  When I was a…

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Woman with Arms Extended Embracing the Sun
Hormone Imbalance

Embrace Your Intuition!

My experiences have made me realize that we have been denied the opportunity to trust our intuition and listen to our bodies.  Instead of embracing our intuition we have succeeded in stilfling it and pushing it down so deep that…

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