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Progesterone: The “Calming Hormone”

Bio-Identical Progesterone Syringe

Ahhhhh….the calming effects of Natural Progesterone….

Progesterone has a natural calming influence on the body.  It balances the effects of estrogen.   For a women who is estrogen dominant, balancing all that unopposed estrogen roaming freely through your body is important.

So for women who have PMS related mood swings or postpartum anxiety like I did, the calming effects of progesterone can’t be overstated. The compounding pharmacist I used during the height of my postpartum anxiety gave me the suggestion to apply a small amount of natural progesterone cream on the inside of my wrist.  Take a look at the inside of your wrist and see that beautiful bulging vein so nice and close to the surface – it’s just waiting to absorb the progesterone cream into your bloodstream.

I believe there are millions of women being unnecessarily prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication when really balancing their hormones would go a longer way in addressing their needs.  My belief is based on my own personal history and conversations I have had with my doctors and practitioners.

Originally published on March 29th, 2012

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  1. GroundWork Counseling

    A fascinating read! Thank you for sharing this information to women!

  2. Bluebird Thriving

    Curious about your thoughts on what I am experiencing:

    After 3 unexplained miscarriages (January and December 2009 and twins in February 2012) I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue and hypothryoid 2 years ago and have been on bioidentical progesterone since April 2012. I have been working to heal my adrenals with diet, supplements, Ashwaganda, and DHEA, and I take 1 1/2 grains Naturthroid (97.65 mg). I am currently prescribed 50/100 mg (50 for first 10 days, 100 for the rest of cycle, off with bleeding). My cycle averages 23 days (some months it’s 21 days, some months as long as 25/26 days, and it always lasts 4 days). This month I had what I consider another period on day 15 of my cycle. It’s been 5 days I am still bleeding (not as heavy as days 1-3). I have felt what I would describe as discomfort, not cramping. I am not pregnant.

    I see a new doctor (DO) today (my NP who had treated me at the same clinic has moved away). Can you tell me is progresterone can randomly shorten your cycles? Is there anything I should be concerned about?

    1. Sonya

      I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this – the challenge with hormone problems are that they are complex and multi-faceted because of their intimate interactions with one another. When you change one it has an impact on the others. Also your receptors have the ability to turn on and off depending upon the levels of hormone in your body. Your cortisol levels can have a dramatic effect on your other hormones as well. So there’s lots going on. Irregular periods can be a sign of undertreated thyroid, for an example, but there are many factors.

      I hope your new doctor has been able to answer some of your questions and is going to help you on your road to wellness.

      Send me an email to my private email address so we can chat some more – sonya@hormonesoup.com



  3. kel triffic

    Progesterone is not the answer for all women suffering debilitating symptoms of hormonal conditions. Progesterone made anxiety and mood swings so much worse for this particular woman to the point she had to have an hysterectomy to have any quality of life. This isn’t the case for all women but is is for some.

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