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Email received from Dr. John Lee’s Office:  August 2012


Dear Ms. Satveit,

On behalf of Mrs. Lee and our entire staff, thank you from our hearts for your kind and gracious words about Dr. Lee and his work. We all miss Dr. Lee dearly since his passing in 2003, but we feel the support of the thousands of women like you who have benefited from his work. Your emails are one of the biggest reasons why we come to work each day!

We also want to thank you for sharing Dr. Lee’s research with everyone through your blog. We visited it and were impressed with the knowledge and sincerity with which you share information and personal experiences with your readers. Dr. Lee was a strong believer in the power of women and men sharing information with each other to change the way the world thinks about health issues. Your support makes a difference in the world, and we want to acknowledge it!

Once again, thank you so much for writing us with your heartfelt words. We deeply appreciate your support for those of us who continue Dr. Lee’s work. Please let us know if we can be of support to you in any other way.

Yours for good health,

Sally Kroon, CEO
The John Lee M.D. Companies


Thank You For Sharing….
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