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Who I Am

Sonya is a survivor of infertility, miscarriages, PMS, and Post Partum Mood Disorders (esp Anxiety).  Fortunately she was able to solve all of her problems by balancing her hormones but had been more than a decade long journey of ups and downs.

She founded HormoneSoup.com in an effort to raise consciousness around hormone issues in women and spark conversation about using bio-identical hormones to treat issues such as miscarriages, infertility, postpartum mood disorder, and PMS.

Sonya began advocating for herself about all things hormonal after spending years seeking answers but finding band-aid solutions.  After being offered anti-depressants for hormonal concerns and hearing other women’s similar stories, Sonya became concerned that some women’s issues are being labeled as mental health disorders without ever getting to the root cause.  Her journey to bio-identical hormones has led her to amazing doctors and naturopathic doctors and nutritionists  that helped her find real solutions to very common problems.  Seeing and hearing an abundance of misinformation, the goal of HormoneSoup.com is to educate, empower and unite women with resources and knowledgeable practitioners to enable them to find answers sooner and more readily than she did.

My Call to Action:

For Women:

  • Be informed
  • See yourself in partnership with your doctor/naturopath – it’s your health, your body & your life after all!
  • Build a healthcare team – whether it’s your primary care doctor, naturopathic doctor, pharmacist, lab technician – ask questions and develop a rapport with them each and every time you see them.  Consider them part of your team.
  • Trust your intuition

For Doctors:

  • Treat us as the centre of the healthcare team!   Participatory Medicine benefits everybody – even you!
  • More consideration put into diagnostics in women’s issues.
  • Please stop painting our health issues with a mental health brush!  We don’t all need antidepressants and birth control pills!   We want treatments that match the cause.
  • Doctors who are using bio-identical hormones – speak out about your success stories, about the truth behind the fear generated by the WHI Study results & share information with colleagues.



Thank You For Sharing….
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  1. Shar

    Hi-I was very intrigued by your site. I first saw you on CTV Morning Live and the subject really caught my interest. I have had my own history of miscarriage (many years ago now) and, more recently, hypermennhorea (excessive bleeding during periods). After both my miscarriage and two episodes of very heavy bleeding (one leading to an overnight hospital stay), I suffered extreme iron loss, exhaustion that triggered into some level of depression/anxiety. It took many months to recover (almost a year) which was unbearable for someone like me who is usually quite passionate, engaged and physically active! All three episodes (miscarriage and two events of bleeding so profusely) lead me to counselling for the emotional impacts and twice my Dr. tried to put me on anti-depressants, which I refused. Medically, I kept being told that my exhaustion was merely a result of my iron dropping (and hemaglobin in one of the incidents) and that I should be fine as these levels start to come back. While this was, in part, the case, I really felt like my body was dealing with a whole host of systemic things. In hospital, my thyroid readings were way off (high), my hemaglobin, my iron etc. I was put on the pill (hefty doses in a single day!) to stop the bleeding. I really felt like the hormonal piece was not being addressed. I felt so WEIRD-not myself, unable to cope with even the slightest of regular stress or chores to be done.And then the anxiety would kick in and I would feel like there was something terribly, terribly wrong with me and I might be dying! I am much better now. I had a surgical ablation which has helped immensely with the issue of heavy bleeding and I have gotten off the pill. I feel so much more myself even in two months of being off of it. Thanks so much for the work you are doing on this site!

    1. Sonya

      I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and menstrual health issues. I am glad you are feeling more like yourself now! I’m not surprised that your thyroid levels were “off”, as hypothyroidism is related to menstrual disturbances, depression/anxiety and fatigue. I hope you continue to do well and get the best healthcare – it sounds like you are good at advocating for yourself! Stay well!

  2. Suzie

    Love your spunk and approach!

    1. Sonya

      Thanks Suzie! 🙂

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