I hope you enjoyed it!

This is an exciting time here at Hormone Soup. I am thrilled to be launching our TV show demo, a project that is near and dear to my heart. We are putting women's hormone health center stage, and bringing doctors and other healthcare professionals into the fold as we discuss hormone health issues. We would love your feedback and comments about the show, the interactive content, and our new endeavour!

This is only the beginning. Are there any shows you'd like to see?
We are building content for our first season now, and we would love to hear from you!

For over 2 years the Hormone Soup community has been supportive and loyal, and I am honored to include you in the next phase of Hormone Soup. We have signed on to become marketing partners with Open Source Health, which means we will have more opportunities to spread the word about hormone health. It feels like my little blog has finally grown up, and I am so happy for the future and where we will go!

Tell us what you think!

Excellent! Keep me updated
I'm a woman, and I'd like to help test interactive media
I've got some great show ideas
I'd like to get involved!

"My dear friend Ava taught me to
be empowered in my healthcare,
now I want to pass on her gift so
other women can become active
participants in their own care."

- Sonya Satveit, CEO Open Source Health -

Founder, Hormone Soup,
CEO & Founder, Open Source Health Inc.

What we're up to

We are busy with an exciting new project!
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